YWCA San Antonio

Childcare and Early Education


Since 1868, the YWCA has been providing early childhood programs for millions of children across the United States. The YWCA believes that high-quality childcare and early education programs not only assist children and parents, but assist our country as a whole.

Childcare and early education programs are critical to promoting child development and school readiness, and are vital for helping parents obtain and retain employment, and preparing our next generations for lifelong learning and success.

Today, the primary sources of care and education for young children are childcare, Head Start and pre-kindergarten programs.

Childcare is a necessity for many working families. However, for many parents, finding affordable, accessible and quality childcare and early education programs is difficult. Early childhood education programs are vital for community viability and productivity.

YWCA Position

The YWCA supports quality, affordable and accessible early childhood education that assists adults in moving toward economic independence and provides children with culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate activities that enable them to succeed in school and in life.